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Government Contract Proposal Pricing

DCAA Accounting

Pricing a proposal correctly is one of the most important tasks for a government contractor. The proposal has to be priced competitively and allow the company to cover is overhead plus make a profit. Overhead rates drive the price of the contract for service contracts. Overhead rates used in a contract proposal are called forward pricing rates. Forward pricing rates are based on a company budget. Budget projections need to be supported by explanations.

Under the Truth in Negotiations Acts, DCAA or the contracting office may want to review the detail behind the rate buildup. Well-documented forward pricing rates are critical to sustaining the proposed rates in contract negotiations.  Having a professional who is experienced in this work is imperative to getting this done right. FAR-compliance and remaining compliant with FAR 15.408 is critical when it comes to your proposal pricing. Monarch CPA Services has the expertise needed to help Metro DC area businesses with pricing a proposal.

DCAA Cost and Pricing Proposals

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